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What are the objectives of chatbot?


Messenger bot

  1. Sell Product: A friendly upfront question asking a visitor what they are looking for allows the Bot to help a visitor find what they are looking for quicker.
  2. Qualify Leads: Save time (and money) by letting your bot do the hard work of qualifying leads as they come in. Potential customers answer questions and provide their contact info. Have qualified leads schedule an appointment or let your sales team follow up.
  3. Make Appointments or Reservations: Your Bot knows your diaries and who is free. He also knows the best person for the job. Help your visitors find the right person at the right time for them.
  4. Cross Sell: Your Bot can help make product recommendations based on your visitor’s behavior. For example, if interested in a meal, the Bot may suggest pre-ordering a Wine Pairing. If interested in ink for your printer, you may also need paper.
  5. Provide Information: There are lots of Bots currently helping people all round the world deal with the Pandemic. TheWorld Health Organization (WHO) is one of the leading sources of trusted information for the coronavirus (COVID-19). WHO builta bot on WhatsApp called the WHO Health Alert to share information related to the pandemic.

Whatever your need or idea, Objective can help you understand how BOT technology can support your business.

Which Chatbot Approach Is Right for You?

There are different approaches and tools that you can use when building chatbots. Depending on the use case you want to address, some technologies are more appropriate than others. Combining artificial intelligence forms such as natural language processing, machine learning, and semantic understanding may be the best option to achieve the desired results.

These prompt-based chatbots let customers choose from a list of prompts then take them through a series of multiple-choice questions. The application will take them to the most helpful destination based on the answers. This type of chatbot is good for simple queries with a defined scope, as it limits customers to a certain number of inputs.

Chatbots can build a database

Number three, one of my favorites of all time, which not many people talk about is that chatbots can build a database. A Chatbot helps you build a database. The tools that we’ve got to use today in the Chatbot world lets us collect data and information.

Chatbot Provides Smart Feedback

A very important and significant aspect of the learning process is feedback, whether it comes from a student and directed towards the teachers or the other way around.

Feedback helps students in identifying the areas they are lacking and requires efforts and similarly, gives the teacher an opportunity to figure out areas they can improve their teaching abilities as well.

Intellectually Independent Chatbots

These chatbots use ML to learn from users’ inputs and requests. You can train these bots to understand particular keywords and phrases that trigger their replies. Over time, these bots can train themselves to understand more and more queries.

AI-powered chatbotsare a combination of the other two kinds of bots. These bots use ML, AI, and NLP to understand and remember the context of the conversation and the user’s preferences.


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Do chatbots help sales?

Do chatbots help sales?
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