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Is chatbot a marketing automation?


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When you implement chatbots throughout your website and social media venues in 2019, you’re going to find that you have a lot of new, fresh information coming in from your customer base. How can you harness all that valuable data and use it before it goes stale? Tools like BotMetrics, DashBot and ChatMetrics help you analyze bot functions and conversations so that you can improve the customer’s experience and draw helpful conclusions about your marketing efforts.

First of all, you can use the information from your chatbot conversations to make the bots better. With a combination of automated tools and human eyes, look through chatbot logs and identify keywords and phrases that clients actually use. This way, you can customize the triggers and responses of your chatbot so that it seems even more human-like and intuitive. You can also incorporate those often-used phrases and keywords into your marketing campaigns and online content to improve SEO and to connect better with customers.

Introduction of Chatbot for Marketing Automation

The major interest in setting up a chatbot for marketing automation would ensure success towards hyper-personalization. However, there’s also more than it.

On the basis of data from the Chatbot Observatory created by Do You Dream Up, 74% of companies agree that bots are a real lever for digital transformation.

What Is Chatbot For Marketing?

Chatbot for marketing is a marketing approach that uses a chatbot to promote a company. When Facebook made it possible to integrate bots with its Messenger feature, this method gained a lot of traction. Previously, a large number of Facebook Page Messengers went unused.

Customers would occasionally express queries or complaints, and even fewer would receive a response. Customer care inquiries won’t go unanswered with a chatbot marketing plan, and many can even assist with lead creation and sales.

What is chatbot marketing?

Chatbot marketing is a marketing technique that employs computer programs to automate interactions with prospects and customers, either on your website or in your app, for the purpose of generating sales. Using chatbots in marketing strategies allows companies to qualify and engage with leads at all hours and at any capacity regardless of whether or not your marketing and sales team are online. Just like how you can use marketing chatbots to answer support questions, you can use chatbots to start conversations with website visitors, qualify leads, and even upsell customers.

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