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How much should I charge for a chatbot?


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Chatbots do not have fixed prices because each one is unique with specific project requests and business requirements. Moreover, the development of a chatbot is a long and diverse process with several stages which also affect the cost. Thus, you should not only analyze different chatbot examples, but also understand how different factors explain the huge variation in the final cost of the chatbot.

There are a variety of factors that often affect chatbot costs.


First, we define the project objective and the value proposition. We set goals, expectations and metrics. Having a good understanding of what you want from a chatbot and how it can improve your business helps us define an appropriate development strategy. These results would also play an important role in deciding which technologies to use. Generally, we focus on the following:

  • How big is your business – small, medium or large?
  • Do you want a chatbot to entertain customers or provide full customer support with minimal human involvement?
  • Which processes can a chatbot automate in your case (pre-sales customer communication, customer support or other)?
  • How many messaging platforms will you cover? What are they?
  • How many users do you think your chatbot will serve? What is the expected conversational flow?

Deployment Type (Custom Development vs Chatbot Builder)

In custom chatbot development, you hire a third-party development company who can build a chatbot based on your unique needs and expectations. On the other hand, if you use a chatbot builder, you can create your own bot in minutes and enjoy greater customization.

In custom development, a specific development team will be assigned to build your chatbot, which will make the process more expensive. However, you can save thousands of dollars with an affordable bot builder.

How much does a chatbot cost?

There are different chatbot options depending on your business needs. Starting from scratch and developing a chatbot in-house can cost upwards of $300,000. Even if you’re using a pre-made chatbot framework, you’re still looking at a price that could be closer to $40,000. At the other end of the spectrum, you can find stripped down chatbots for the still affordable price of free.

Christian Rennella, CTO and co-founder of elMejorTrato, has invested heavily in building an enterprise chatbot for his company, according to CMSWire. ElMejorTrato’s sales team spent nine years answering chats before the company turned to AI. The cost of chatbot development can be exorbitant. In the end, the Argentina-based company invested $340,000 in the chatbot. Most of the money went to developer salaries.


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