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How do chatbots generate leads?


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The use of chatbots is growing in improving sales, customer support, marketing, and customer experience. Lead qualification bots can boost operational efficiency and bring cost savings to businesses while offering higher satisfaction to customers. If used aptly, chatbot business benefits can flood you with leads.

Chatbots can qualify leads in seconds

Chatbots have the potential to deliver a much better experience and provide worthy results from the very beginning. Organizations now advertise their content, build brand awareness, generate potential leads and funnel them to the sales team, all with the help of chatbots. Instead of asking for a client’s email address, mailing them and waiting for a reply to start business communication, companies can now employ simple chatbot tools that set up with the preliminary communication and redirect users to the official channel. Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp for Business are great examples of how easy and interactive chatbots can be used to qualify leads within seconds.

For instance, if you are on Hubspot’s Facebook Page, the messenger chatbot automatically pops up to help you “get started.” The moment you click on the ‘”get started” option, the automated greeting message is displayed to kickstart your conversation as well as guide you with immediate actions that you can take—like subscribing to their blog or checking out their free tools. It’s easier for Hubspot to get new subscribers in a click than asking new leads to manually sign up. They can automatically map their Facebook lead chats to emails, and continue with effective email campaigns.

Generate Leads With Live Chat And Chatbots

Chatbots are not only meant for automating chats. They are very crucial for generating leads too.

Prospects are more likely to become customers when they interact with Chatbots on your site. Chatbots and live chats, in general, are suitable for elevating customer satisfaction. Here are some of the ways that Chatbots can generate leads for your business.

Lead generation through themed bots (based on the Corona Chatbot)

By using topic-specific chat offers on the homepage, information can be transported to interested parties or customers in a targeted manner. Thus, a chatbot can be programmed on current topics to help companies, employees and customers find relevant information. The provided content creates valuable added value.

Using the example of the Corona Chatbot of e-bot7, the chatbot informs about current figures, data and facts and uses information from official sources (WHO, Robert Koch Institute, etc.). The information is constantly updated and at the same time, the need for further information is requested.

Operational efficiency

Lead generating bots can dramatically increase organizational effectiveness. They perform a variety of tasks including marketing, sales, customer service, and customer experience. Each of these activities is required for a business to operate and flourish. You may shake things up for your company by implementing conversational marketing. Use the high-quality traffic going to your website by using lead generating chatbots. You may target messages using these tools, qualify leads, and boost conversions on important web pages.

  • Chatbots help in understanding the audience


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