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Do chatbots increase customer satisfaction?


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The increasing importance of customer experience puts more pressure on brands to get it right. Unfortunately, that means they’re also one misstep away from a customer deciding to move on. Businesses need to develop a strategy that keeps customers’ experiences and their wants at the forefront. The good news is that technology can help.

AI and chatbots transforming the customer experience is nothing new. The first chatbot was created in 1966 by scientists at MIT. Named ELIZA, it would pick up on keywords in a chat and ask open-ended questions to mimic human conversations. Although chatbots are far more sophisticated today, the scientists then hit on something key about AI and CX: Friendly engagement. Advances in machine learning have made chatbots more able to respond in a way that demonstrates they understand the consumer’s needs, and are less like automated assistants.

What Is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is software with which a user can get written or verbal information about a service or product they are interested in. They can also take action with chatbots. This software saves time and energy both for customers and businesses by automating what the customer service department does. With chatbots, users can learn about their account balances or shipping status.

They can also take action, such as quickly and easily ordering something. Chatbots differ from each other in terms of communication and their intended use. They can be reactive and only respond to one request, or they can be proactive and contact customers.

Chatbots save a lot of time and energy. That’s why they are becoming very common among users and businesses. There are many ways to increase customer satisfaction using chatbots. So, what are these ways?

What is a Customer Service Chatbot?

Customer service chatbots are designed specifically with an objective of serving purposes along the customer journey. The smart customer care bot can answer up to 70% of simple, FAQ-oriented customer questions or direct customers to find additional information or resources on your website.

Such chatbots come with the added benefit of reducing the number of contact center queries received, which means customer service agents can spend more time handling complex customer issues instead of regurgitating information that could be easily automated or found in an FAQ .


Chatbots are capable of automating basic support requests, providing exceptional support experiences, and collecting and analyzing data to improve future support interactions.

Reduces workload of the sales teams

Replacing an entire sales team with a reliable chatbot may not sound like a viable solution, but businesses can get the most out of their salespeople with chatbots. With the impressive capabilities of chatbots, customer service teams can focus on improving the customer experience rather than on administering a specific task.

Bots assist customers rather than being just a point of contact. Rather than offering a customer service line, which is often challenging and time-consuming, the chatbot walks the customer through the steps necessary for a request.


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