November 28

Do chatbots have a future?


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As per Global Market Insights, “The overall market size for chatbots worldwide would be over $1.3 billion by 2024.” Hence, it is inevitable that the chatbot industry will become the driving force of business communications.

The natural language processing (NLP) bots use sentiment analysis and predictive analytics to intelligently understand the conversations and the intent of the queries. Considering the chatbot stats about how businesses are adopting AI technology, there are still some challenges to implementing chatbot best practices successfully.

Chatbots in the customer journey are a growing importance

Chatbots in the customer journey enhance e-commerce, providing personalized, omnichannel experiences to consumers, no matter where or when they shop.

Businesses across all industries use AI and chatbots. Top use cases include:

Developing a Chatbot Can be Done in Two Days

Companies can either use an existing platform to create a chatbot, or they can build a bot from scratch.

Using a platform — like Slack or Facebook Messenger — is easier but more limiting because you cannot use the bot on any other platform. That’s why many businesses have turned to the second option: using chatbot development tools to create their own bots, which they can use anywhere.

Disappointment with first chatbots

For chatbots, the start was anything but easy. After the initial hype, only a few companies adapted the new technology. The initial interest also flattened out quickly because the first chatbots were simply not good enough. Instead of being a real support, the earlier chatbots often caused frustration because they did not understand commands or misinterpreted them.

In recent years, however, chatbots have developed further and further and thus have been able to gain significantly in acceptance and popularity. This was not least due to the fact that the focus of chatbots finally concentrated more on the benefits. So the primary goal was no longer to program a chatbot in such a way that it was indistinguishable from a human, but to make it as useful as possible.

Work With Professionals Who Know Digital Transformation Best

It’s up to businesses and companies to consider the necessities of chatbots when building their e-commerce presence. However, without innovation in the digital age, businesses may get left behind.

Working with Tangentia can give your chatbot that competitive edge with conversational AI and innovative chatbot building. As an industry leader in Agile Digital Transformation for Automation, B2B, chatbot building, we work directly with businesses of all sizes to achieve simple solutions to complex technological tasks.


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