Instagram Auto Comment Reply

Lesson 6 Module 2

Recently we added some new features to YakBot. One of these features is the Instagram Auto Comment Reply tool. 

To get started using this feature, you will first need to connect your Instagram account to a Facebook page.

Connecting An Instagram Business account to Facebook Page:

>>> First, go to the Settings of your Facebook page.

>>> Now go to the Instagram menu from the left side menu.

>>> Click on the Connect Account button to add an Instagram account. Provide the required information and connect your Instagram business account with your Facebook page.

Import Instagram business account with YakBot:

When you have successfully connected your Instagram account to your Facebook page, go to the Import Account tab of your YakBot application and import your Facebook account again by clicking on the Login with Facebook button. You should then see your Instagram business account under-connected Facebook page.

Enable Bot Connection by clicking on the enable bot connection button if it has not already been enabled. Without enabling this option, your account will not appear in Instagram features section of YakBot.

Auto Comment Reply with YakBot:

You may have noticed by now a new tab called Comment Automation for Instagram under the Facebook Comment Automation tab.

Go to Comment Automation -> Automation Campaign menu, and you’ll see your Instagram business accounts here with the latest posts of corresponding business accounts.

To enable Auto Comment Reply for Posts, click on the icon with the post’s thumbnail; you’ll see the dropdown, click on Enable Auto Comment Reply. Fill in the pop-up form, then submit to enable auto comment reply for the post.

You can also comment instantly on a post by clicking on the Leave a comment now option from the dropdown.

To see the post’s analytics, click on the Analytics option, and you should see a pop-up with the post’s analytical information (Engagement, Impressions, Reach).


The Post Autoreply Report button at the top of the right column will take you to the auto comment reply reports for the corresponding business account’s posts.

To see all business accounts reports in one place, go to Comment Automation -> Report from the left-side menu.