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Can you make money with chatbots?


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There are many reasons why companies (both B2B and B2C) prefer chatbots as a business tool.

Here are some of the reasons customers love using chatbots:

– Use chatbot for native advertising – Chatbot makes money

native advertising is an attractive marketing strategy. These ads are embedded in specific content such as blog posts and landing pages. Chatbot developers consist of links to content or a product page instead of displaying banner ads on a landing page.

How does it work?



  • Sell Chatbot, Honestly , they won’t care about
  • Talking about technology
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  • Selling services to track incoming visitors on website or product pages
  • Must prepare and practice your pitch
  • Talk about how your service offered can help track incoming visitors to their site
  • Sell Automated Conversational Marketing
  • Sell Automated Live Chat Integration for 24/7 Active Customer Support

Use Chatbots for Landing Pages Conversions

A chatbot can also be used to direct people v ers a l and a landing page where they can buy products and pay for services. You can easily place the landing page in conversational posts as a link, and then users can follow that link to a landing page. However, you need to be careful how you incorporate these links into the conversation to make sure customers don’t find it spammy. Providing excellent service should always be your primary goal. The better the interaction with the bot, the more likely someone will click on it. Treat the conversation as if they were talking to a helpful agent.

Some bots can even perform polls. These robots can collect a lot of information about Internet users. This information can be very useful for some companies, and they can easily pay for it, which obviously can bring good income. For example, if you get data on the financial behavior of customers, you can sell it to financial companies for cash. Surveys may be conducted to collect information to resell to companies, or to collect information for specific companies. Either way, you can receive a commission for each time someone completes a survey.

Chatbot as a landing page

This way of monetizing the chatbot is associated with the paragraph mentioned above. This type of chatbot not only collects leads, but also increases conversation and boosts engagement.

Personalized content assures the customer that the seller cares about their needs. This journey from awareness to the decision that customers make before buying. Good content shortens that path and leads to a “ready” customer decision. Throughout this journey, accompany customers with relevant information to help them make the right decisions.


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