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Are chatbots AI or ML?


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The more sophisticated chatbots use Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems. Read more about the future of the chatbot platform and AI chatbot.

Chatbots are becoming the machine-version of a virtual assistant. Google Assistant is a chatbot, and the Facebook chatbot uses Messenger chatbot as its chatbot platform. A non-assistant type of chatbot is used for entertainment, such as a jokebot, or for research to gather specific data. Another application is a socialbot that is used to promote a specific product, service, issue or candidate.

AI Chatbots: What Are They, and What Are They Good For?

The term “chatbot” comes from the word “chatterbot” (chatter + robot), created in the 1990s by Micheal Mauldin.

As the name implies, it’s a conversational robot.

Why CX Is Important

The pandemic and the turbulent economy have dramatically influenced consumer behaviors and shopping preferences. Today’s customer looks beyond price to the experience delivered and service received when deciding where to spend their hard-earned dollars.

In fact, research shows 79% of consumers say customer service is extremely important when choosing where to shop.

To meet and exceed customer expectations, brands must prioritize CX to inform insights and drive decisions that will grow their customer base and increase brand loyalty. As CX expert Blake Morgan states in her report, The Top 100 Most Customer-Centric Companies Of 2022, “Customers don’t want to go back to the way things were pre-pandemic. They expect companies to continue to personalize customer experiences, and meet customers where they are, whether that is at adigital doorstep or in aphygitalexperience.”

How is Conversational AI different from a traditional chatbot?

The answer is simple: Conversational AI allows people to communicate with applications, websites or devices in their own language. Thus, Conversational AI goes far beyond the question-and-answer game of a simple chatbot. While the chatbot is primarily suitable for text-based conversations, Conversational AI can be operated via text as well as via speech.

This is made possible by so-called Natural Language Processing (NLP). This enables the artificial intelligence to convert a person’s spoken or written input into words or sentences that it can analyse. The AI ​​then formulates the best possible answer based on the available data.

Industries where chatbots can help

  1. Customer Service

If your company needs to scale globally, you need to be able to respond to customers round the clock, in different languages. Chatbots do that efficiently.


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